Celery root mash recipe

on Nov 23, 2021

I love having friends over for dinner, and my diet is generally very clean: Meat & veggies, of the best quality I can find.

One staple dish that I love serving and that's always I a hit is celery roo…

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Calvin's Mud

on Aug 15, 2021

I was doing MUD\WTR, which is great, but since I started that, I've gone completely off of caffeine, which includes dropping all chocolate and cacao, and since MUD\WTR includes both, I can't do that a…

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Barrel-aged negroni

on Jul 20, 2017

Speaking of being in creative mode, I made a batch of negroni for my oak barrel, and in a few weeks I'll be having my first taste of my own home-made barrel-aged negroni.

It's super simple: Get an oak…

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